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Thrillist takes it all off for latest list

February 9, 2015

It was just a matter of time that Thrillist, the quirky list-obsessed website, would include The Best Strip Club in All 50 States in its latest “poll.”

Thrillist.com’s research methodology included, “In addition to hitting the clubs ourselves, we used friends, family, and the help of folks who (weirdly) feel compelled to leave strip club reviews on Yelp to find out. Here’s the top spot in every state to watch naked people dance.”

Colorado’s winner? Shotgun Willie’s in Glendale. Thrillist said, “‘The Best Show Club in Denver’ is a completely open 10,000-square-foot room with eight stages but zero VIP areas. Which may be disappointing if you were looking for ‘extras’ from one of the 200 beauties roaming the floor. But what they lack in VIP space they more than make up for in glass-enclosed, state-of-the-art conference rooms you can reserve for official business meetings.”

To see the rest of the peeler places, go to www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/best-strip-club-in-every-state-florida-california-new-york-and-more.

shotgun willies1

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Wish that you could be like the cool kids?

February 2, 2015

Thrilllist.com, that lover of lists, has named “the coolest guy from every state,” and the Colorado honors go to “South Park” co-creator Trey Parker.

“… we thought it’d be fun to figure out who the coolest dude from (defined as born OR raised in) every state actually is. Not the richest or most popular, not the most successful, athletic, or best looking (although, admittedly, all of those qualities come into play), we’re talking about the coolest cat. Period.”

About the Conifer-born Parker (no relation), Thrillist said, “Since Matt Stone is technically from Texas, half the offensive genius behind ‘South Park’ doesn’t even have to share the honor. The voice of Eric Cartman has also given the world classic cinema like “Team America: World Police” and the runaway Broadway hit ‘Book of Mormon’.”

Check out the other cool kids at www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/the-coolest-guy-from-every-state-frank-sinatra-elvis-miles-davis-and-more.

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Is this a good thing? Colorado in top 10 for fast food

February 2, 2015

The tireless trivia gatherers at Thrillist.com have released its scientific conclusions to compile “Every state in the USA, ranked by its fast food”.

Colorado ranked No. 8, which depending on your fast food frame of mind, could be good or bad. Here’s how the rankings worked:

“…we ranked every state by the fast-food options available there, concentrating on a variety of factors, including:

1) the big chains (Burger King, KFC, etc.) that began there
2) the regional ones (Whataburger, Culver’s) that also originated there
3) the cool, little chains just in that state
4) the variety of choices and presence of enviable franchises
5) the deliciousness and uniqueness of their options in general

We also created a set of criteria to determine which places were fair game: there had to be counter service, food had to generally take between 1-8 minutes to prepare, and there had to be at least three locations for a place to be considered a chain. Also, no pizza. Stop calling pizza fast food, even if it’s hot and/or ready. Clearly this ranking is based on science, math, technology, and hard facts (and maybe our extremely correct opinions)…”

About Colorado, Thrillist said, “The billion-dollar burrito makers at Chipotle started with one restaurant that caught on and became a phenomenon. But CO also can claim Quiznos, Qdoba, Noodles & Company, and Smashburger as homegrown success stories – as well as local up-and-comer Good Times, known for tasty custard, but sadly not based on a TV show from the ’70s.

Notable fact: Chipotle started a block away from the campus of the (University of Denver).”

For the rest of the rankings, go to www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/united-states-fast-food-rankings-best-fast-food-in-america.

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Twelve eateries that closed in 2014

January 5, 2015

While I much prefer to write about restaurant openings in our fair city, inevitably there are those that close. Some are big losses to our Mile High palate, others were more obviously headed for an epic fail.

Thrillist.com, the irreverent food and drink website, has compiled a list of the “12 shuttered Denver bars and restaurants that we’ll miss.” They are: Bonanno Bros. Pizzeria in the Vistas at Park Meadows, Catacombs Bar in Boulder, Corner House Neighborhood Eatery in Jefferson Park, Chef Liu’s Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Aurora, Le Grande Bistro & Oyster Bar downtown, Ondo’s Spanish Tapas Bar in Cherry Creek, Oshima Ramen in Southeast Denver, Row 14 Bistro & Wine Bar downtown, Restaurant Kevin Taylor downtown, twelve restaurant in ballpark, TAG Raw Bar Larimer Square, T-Wa Inn Southwest Denver.

Read more about each closure at www.thrillist.com/eat/denver/denver-bars-and-restaurants-that-closed.


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Thrillist’s Colorado can’t-miss event could be a miss

January 5, 2015

The worker bees at thrillist.com have spanned the nation to come up with “The one can’t miss event in all 50 states this year.”

The edgy website recommends that readers might be more successful in accomplishing the event attendance than in keeping a New Year’s resolution.

“Since the chances of keeping your New Year’s resolution to ‘work out’ are about as good as last year’s effort to ‘stop drinking,’ best make a resolution this go-around that you actually WANT to keep. Like ‘”travel more’, or ‘be more adventurous’, or ‘hit the most awesome event in every state,’ if you want to be weirdly specific,” according to Thrillist.

“And if you do (and, of course, you do), you’ll need to know what the best, coolest, most popular event in each state actually is. Which is why we’ve compiled this list. Good luck.”

Good luck is especially appropriate in the case of Colorado’s can’t-miss event pick: The Great American Beer Festival Sept. 24 to 26 in Denver. Tickets last year sold out in 32 minutes, so this can’t-miss may well be a can-miss if you aren’t a lucky ticket holder.

“This is like those little 250-brewer weekend festivals where you stroll around and sip beer until you can’t taste it anymore, but on really, really good B12 injections. Here, attendees dress in zany costumes and sample pretty much every beer (they’ve) ever heard of (and even more that they haven’t).

Check out the selections for other states at www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/best-event-in-every-state-the-kentucky-derby-iron-bowl-mardis-gras-and-more.

(Great American Beer  Festival photo)

(Great American Beer Festival photo)

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RiNo noted for neighborhood eats

December 24, 2014

Thrillist.com, the Internet commentator on all things food related, has chosen RiNo, Denver’s Riverfront North neighborhood, as one of The 18 Best Food Neighborhoods in America.

Here’s how RiNo made the cut, “If your ‘hood is on this list, congratulations, you’re probably gaining weight, as we made sure every neighborhood is fantastic to eat and drink in. And once we’d narrowed it down to our top 18, we examined two major factors to determine placement: 1) culinary history, and 2) what’s happening now…”

While RiNo as a destination dining ‘hood is fairly new and continually growing, its foodie scene lacks historical reference to call upon, unlike other neighborhoods in New Orleans, Boston, Charleston, Chicago and San Francisco, which are also on the list.

Here’s what Thrillist said about RiNo, “Once upon a time, this was a neighborhood Denverites would go to if they wanted to have a nice night out… and then get mugged afterwards. Now? It’s practically swarming with hot restaurants and breweries. Part of that is due to The Source, an enormous 20,000-square-foot artisan food market that houses one of Denver’s best restaurants (Acorn), coffee roasters (Boxcar), breweries (Crooked Stave) and plenty more.

“Four other exemplary craft breweries have taprooms in the neighborhood as well, including the Utah-transplant Epic Brewing, which knows (its) way around a sour. For food, Work & Class serves up shared plates of delicious Latin/American food, Cart-Driver is the tiny, high-quality pizza joint every neighborhood deserves, and Los Chingones is the Mexican food outpost of one of Denver’s finest restaurateurs. And for something you likely won’t find in any other city, Infinite Monkey Theorem cans their own wine and has an expansive space to drink it in.”

See the other 17 picks at www.thrillist.com/eat/nation/18-best-food-neighborhoods-in-america-flushing-west-loop-the-mission.

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Beer here? Which state is tops on Thrillist’s list?

August 25, 2014

Thrillist.com, the national food and drink website with an attitude, ranks each the 50 states by its beer in its newly released compilation “Every State in the USA, Ranked by its Beer.”

How did Colorado’s suds stand up to the competition? We’re No. 3, behind No. 2 California and No. 1 Oregon Here’s what Thrillist said:

“It’s a great time to be drinking beer in America. Not that it was ever, you know, a bad time to be doing that necessarily, but with craft breweries multiplying like rabbits who’ve been drinking beer, you can literally find some serviceable (if not downright tasty) local brews in all 50 states. Which made the process of ranking them all the more difficult, but we were up to the challenge, especially since it meant drinking and thinking about beer for weeks straight.

“Here they are, all 50 states in the Union, ranked according to their beer. A couple notes about our criteria. Quantity and quality are both important, but quality’s a bit more important. If you’re a small state turning out a disproportionate amount of great beer, it did not go unrecognized. We also gave a boost to states who played a historical role in American beer as we know it today.

As for our suds-soaked state (just ask brewery-owner-turned-Governor John Hickenlooper), Thrillist said, “…Oskar Blues started the craft can revolution, and if you haven’t had a GUBNA, change that. Avery has an entire run of bombers called the Dictator Series. New Belgium is distributing with the big boys thanks to an amber ale and a cruiser bike. Crooked Stave is souring things that man previously assumed un-sour-able. Great Divide has proven once and for all that the Yeti exists…And the whole state’s in on it – even the guy who just had a frozen chocolatini with dinner can rattle off 10 upstart breweries you won’t hear of for years. Beer is everywhere. Everywhere is beer.”

Check out all the rankings at www.thrillist.com/drink/nation/every-state-in-the-usa-ranked-by-its-beer. Spoiler alert: Mississippi came in dead last.

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Patio perfection? Check out Thrillist’s top spots

July 16, 2014

Thrillist.com, the snarky online “in the know” food blog, compiled a list of the “Best Patios in 11 Denver ‘Hoods.”

And as long as you can time “happy hour,” lunch or dinner to avoid Denver’s daily deluge, you’ll find these snappy spots for al fresco drinking and dining.

The Thrillist top 11 are:

* Downtown – Tamayo, 1400 Larimer St.

* LoDo – ViewHouse, 2015 Market St.

* Uptown – Ace, 501 E. 17th Ave.

* SoBo (South Broadway) – Illegal Pete’s, 270 S. Broadway.

* Glendale – Hi Jax, 650 S. Colorado Blvd.

* Wash Park – Agave Tacos, 2217 Mississippi Ave.

* Wash Park West – Vert Kitchen, 704 S. Pearl St.

* RiNo – Matchbox, 2625 Larimer St.

* Platt Park – Fourteen Seventy-Two, 1472 S. Pearl St.

* Highland – Linger, 2030 W. 30th Ave.

* Lower Highland – Denver BeerCo., 1695 Platte St.

Read more about each one at www.thrillist.com/eat/denver/best-outdoor-bars-and-restaurants-by-neighborhood-in-denver.

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World Cup watchers score at Denver food and drink destinations

June 13, 2014

Wacky for the World Cup?

Looking to hang out with like-minded folks?

Know the difference between futbol and football?

I can think of at least one former Denver Post colleague who’s going nuts now. (He roots for Spain, where his roots are).

Thrillist.com, the national website expert on all things hip in the food and drink world, has compiled a list of places to watch the World Cup in Denver.

The website says, “Every four years, Americans become increasingly interested in a kind of football that doesn’t involve any Manning brothers. Because the World Cup is fantastic! And even if you aren’t into it, finding excuses to go to bars at odd times of day is something we can all agree on. Here are the best places to do just that.”

Check out the places where the cool kids watch the World Cup at www.thrillist.com/drink/denver/places-to-watch-world-cup-2014-in-denver-things-to-do-in-denver.

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