Thrillist’s Colorado can’t-miss event could be a miss

January 5, 2015

The worker bees at have spanned the nation to come up with “The one can’t miss event in all 50 states this year.”

The edgy website recommends that readers might be more successful in accomplishing the event attendance than in keeping a New Year’s resolution.

“Since the chances of keeping your New Year’s resolution to ‘work out’ are about as good as last year’s effort to ‘stop drinking,’ best make a resolution this go-around that you actually WANT to keep. Like ‘”travel more’, or ‘be more adventurous’, or ‘hit the most awesome event in every state,’ if you want to be weirdly specific,” according to Thrillist.

“And if you do (and, of course, you do), you’ll need to know what the best, coolest, most popular event in each state actually is. Which is why we’ve compiled this list. Good luck.”

Good luck is especially appropriate in the case of Colorado’s can’t-miss event pick: The Great American Beer Festival Sept. 24 to 26 in Denver. Tickets last year sold out in 32 minutes, so this can’t-miss may well be a can-miss if you aren’t a lucky ticket holder.

“This is like those little 250-brewer weekend festivals where you stroll around and sip beer until you can’t taste it anymore, but on really, really good B12 injections. Here, attendees dress in zany costumes and sample pretty much every beer (they’ve) ever heard of (and even more that they haven’t).

Check out the selections for other states at

(Great American Beer  Festival photo)

(Great American Beer Festival photo)

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