Garrett shares a tale of tolerance on her Facebook page

December 14, 2015

Local vocal and city treasure Lannie Garrett, owner of Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret in the historic Daniels and Fisher tower, posted a recent conversation on her Facebook page, which brought tears to my eyes. She wrote:

“Last night I was holiday shopping at my fav, TJ Maxx. At checkout, I noticed the name tag on the clerk, ‘Salaam’ and asked her ‘based on your name, may I assume you are Muslim?’ ‘Yes.’

“I told her that I felt horribly about the animosity that is being directed at her community and that I loved her and all my friends felt the same way. I told her I was ashamed of Donald Trump and that I was so sorry.

“I told her that hundreds of thousands of people felt the same way I did. She cried. She stood there and cried. She told me she came to America 27 years ago after 6 of her family had been killed in Afghanistan.

“She told me she loved this country and felt welcome and happy here up until the last few months. She said that people now look at her differently and she feels afraid. She cried all through the conversation. We hugged.

“I told her to be sure to tell her Muslim friends that we all need to stand in solidarity and love against the hatred and fear that is being generated. She smiled at me, a big gorgeous smile and promised me she would tell them.”

A story to think about especially at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing, Lannie.

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