More folks truckin’ to Denver

February 6, 2015

Penske Truck Rental announced on Wednesday that Denver was named the seventh top place to move in the country, moving up two spots to take Seattle’s place and surpass Chicago, according to a post on

“The top half of our list are warm weather locales where our business interests have steadily increased,” said Don Mikes, Penske senior vice president of truck rental.

Here are the 2014 top 10 moving destinations: The 2013 ranking is noted in parentheses.

  1. Atlanta (1)
  2. Tampa/Sarasota (2)
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth (3)
  4. Phoenix (5)
  5. Orlando (4)
  6. Seattle (7)
  7. Denver (9)
  8. Houston (6)
  9. Chicago (8)
  10. Las Vegas (10)

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