Keep on truckin’ to the ‘1968’ exhibit at History Colorado

February 9, 2015

Did attendees at the party to celebrate the opening of the “1968” exhibit at History Colorado Center get down and funky Friday night?

You bet your sweet bippy, they did.

Plenty of Sonnys and their Chers boogied on down to the evening which included Swiss cheese fondue, Tang Jell-o, cheese balls and crackers and “Spirit of 1968″ brownies accompanied by cocktails and a hit parade from Jerry Barnett and his Moments Notice music makers.

The groovy party was the perfect way to introduce the traveling exhibition that represents the good, bad and ugly of a pivotal year in America’s history.

For me, the Pucci-inspired prints and go-go boots took me back to junior high where we straightened our hair by sleeping on soup cans.

To say the least, the exhibit, which will be on display through April 24, was a blast from the past. In 1968, the death toll in the Vietnam War reached a new high. Riots and demonstrations raged across the country. Apollo 8 orbited the moon. And the nation was transformed by the tragic assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy.

It was also the year that “Hair” opened on Broadway and “Laugh-In” debuted on television. The “1968” show is a multimedia experience that looks at how the events of the year shaped a cultural revolution.

Joining the “1968” exhibit is History Colorado’s original exhibit, “El Movimiento: The Chicano Movement in Colorado”. The events, art and the impact of one of Colorado’s most important social movements is adjacent to the “1968” exhibit.

Exhibit tickets are $12 for adults; $10 for seniors and students; $8 for children ages six to 12 and free for History Colorado members and children under age eight.

For more information on this don’t miss exhibit at 1200 Broadway, call 303-447-8679 or visit

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