Big Fat Cupcake needs big fat help

December 12, 2014

When Kathleen Nevin’s Big Fat Cupcake business was severely hit by the Cherry Creek North construction, she decided not to fade away without a fight.

Nevin wrote to her e-mail list with a crowdfunding rewards program to inject new capital into the sweet business. Here’s what she said:

“…We have set up a crowdfunding rewards program with GoFundMe/BigFatCupcake. If you are not aware BFC has been crushed by the re-development of Cherry Creek North. We were scheduled to close this past Saturday but our loyal fan base would not have it. I have reduced our hours in Cherry Creek to Tuesday – Saturday 9-5 and Denver Place Tuesday through Friday 10-4. We are far from out of the woods. If you can help in any way small or large (wow) it will be greatly appreciated.”

Here’s the scoop on the rewards for donations. No expiration.

* $10 – A flight of BFC cupcakes (three);
* $25 – Six BFC cupcakes;
* $50 – One dozen BFC cupcakes;
* $100 – A vintage homemade apron made by Nevin.
* $250 – A baking class for five children (12 years old plus) baking cupcakes and making butter cream for three hours on a Saturday afternoon in 2015;
* $500 – Six months of Cupcake of the Month Club delivered in greater Denver;
* $1,000 – Your child as an intern for one week (12 years old plus) summer 2015;
* $5,000 – Lifetime cupcake award hung in Cherry Creek Store with your photo and free cupcakes for one year. Six cupcakes a week for 52 weeks;
* $10,000 – Platinum card and cupcake award hung in Cherry Creek Store with your photo. Free cupcakes for the rest of your life. Six cupcakes per week. Super hero status by every Big Fat Cupcake loving adult and child in the U.S. A cupcake superhero cape made by Nevin.

For more information, contact Nevin at


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