Railbenders rained out during opening concert at Elway’s Cherry Creek

June 20, 2014

Country-tastic band the Railbenders were scheduled to open the 10th Annual Summer Music Series at Elway’s Cherry Creek Wednesday night, but the weather had other ideas.

When I arrived, the wind, which was a lamb on Capitol Hill, had turned into a lion in Cherry Creek. Despite the threatening skies, concert-goers streamed into the uncovered patio to sip signature cocktails, snarf down snacks and rock out to the local vocals.

Those of us with reservations on the covered patio, settled into our seats and readied for the tunes to begin. After one song, the rain changed the course of the concert. The vigorous rain storm quickly converted into what seemed like never-ending hail. When we saw folks taking down the speakers, we knew we’d be dining sans the concerts.

In the end, more than 3 inches of hail stones had piled up in pockets around the patio. But all was not lost. Not only did my gal pals and I have a delish dinner, but the Railbenders skedaddled to Lincoln’s Roadhouse to keep the music going and damp fans happy.

Here’s hoping the opening night hail storm was a fluke. To see the rest of the Wednesday concert schedule, go to www.elways.com/Images/Home/Summer%20Music%20Line-up.pdf.

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