Radio host Huston laying low after breast cancer surgery

May 9, 2014

Denise Plante, one-half of KOSI radio’s morning show with her cohort co-host Murphy Huston, broke the news on her Facebook page Friday that Huston was diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks ago. He had surgery Monday, and is home resting.

“He will be sharing his journey on air,” Plante posted. “Please (pray) for him and his family. Please reach out to him and leave him a note of encouragement on Murphy and Denise He is at home now, would love to hear from you.”

According to 2009 statistics from the American Cancer Society, male breast cancer is 100 times less common than in women. The risk of men contracting breast cancer is one in 1,000.

On Murphy and Denise’s FB page, Huston reached out to fans: “Now you know what’s going on… Diagnosed with breast cancer three weeks ago… Had surgery on Monday… All is well.. Talk to you on Monday… Murphy.”

From one breast cancer survivor to another (because you will join our club), best of luck, Murph, and hang the heck in there!

(Murphy and Denise Facebook page)

Denise Plante and Murphy Huston. (Murphy and Denise Facebook page)


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