Another ‘tip’ of the hat to generous Coloradans

April 9, 2014

Colorado again fared well in a study of tippers.

In an analysis of customers of the GrubHub delivery service, for the year from March 28, 2013, to March 27, 2014, Colorado (15.7 percent) finished third among the states, behind South Carolina (16.1) and New Hampshire (16).

And the most generous cities in the survey were all from Colorado. Boulder tipped 16.2 percent on average, followed by Denver at 15.7 percent and Fort Collins at 15.4 percent.

It’s unclear why the Centennial State cities are so nice to the delivery person.

“We have no idea why that is, but a hat tip to Colorado diners for their generosity,” company spokeswoman Allie Mack said.

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