‘Take it Home’ pilot program encourages diners to make two meals out of one

March 7, 2014

LiveWell Colorado, a nonprofit organization committed to preventing and reducing obesity in Colorado, has joined forces with the Colorado Restaurant Association to kick off the “Take It Home” pilot program, aimed at helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle while eating at their favorite restaurants.

Beginning today, four participating restaurants will offer “Take It Home” to-go containers to encourage patrons to think about boxing up a portion of their meal and consuming a balanced portion size.

Four Denver-area restaurants, representing several different cuisine options and price points, are participating in the program, including all three Sam’s No. 3 locations, Elway’s Cherry Creek, Racines and Osteria Marco. Program materials available within the restaurants will encourage guests to consider packaging part of their meal in order to help them mindfully select a portion size that supports their healthy lifestyle.

“Coloradans enjoy eating out, especially since we have so many great restaurant options here in Denver,” said Tracy Faigin Boyle, vice president of marketing and communications for LiveWell Colorado. “The ‘Take It Home’ program encourages people to eat fewer calories at one sitting than they might otherwise by choosing to eat the portion size that is right for them, and enjoying leftovers for another balanced meal. Because we tend to ‘eat with our eyes,’ we can often eat a smaller portion and still feel satisfied.”

A recent report from the National Restaurant Association showed that many restaurateurs want to address the growing obesity epidemic, and smaller portions were cited as a growing trend among the industry.

“Our goal in supporting this campaign is to remind people who you can eat out and be healthy at the same time – people don’t have to choose between the two. This program serves as a reminder not to overeat while you are busy socializing,” said Sonia Riggs, chief operating officer of the Colorado Restaurant Association. “Denver has an exciting, vibrant restaurant scene, and we want to help people enjoy it in a mindful, healthy way.

“The  Colorado Restaurant Association is happy to be a partner in this pilot program.  We want to remind people that eating out can absolutely be part of a healthy lifestyle – the two are not exclusive of each other.  Considering your personal portion size is one way to keep the calories down while enjoying your favorite foods.”

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