5280 magazine names its top 10 new restaurants

March 5, 2014

The current issue of 5280 magazine is out and instead of its traditional eight picks, this year they upped the ante to 10. Probably because there are so many worthy newbies in town, many I haven’t even had a chance to visit!

So here’s the list of 5280’s fave new raves, which the magazine calls “The 10 Hippest, Most Delicious Restaurants in Denver Right Now”:

1. Acorn at The Source at 3350 Brighton Blvd. (www.denveracorn.com).

2. Lower 48 Kitchen at 2020 Lawrence (www.lower48kitchen.com).

3. The Curtis Club at 2100 Curtis St. (www.thecurtisclub.com).

4. Los Chigones at 2461 Larimer St. (303-295-0686).

5. Café Max at 2412 E, Colfax. (www.cafemax.net).

6. The Plimoth at 2335 28th Ave. (www.theplimoth.com).

7. Session Kitchen at 1518 Pearl St. (www.sessionkitchen.com).

8. Old Major, 3316 Tejon St. (www.oldmajordenver.com).

9. Olive + Finch at 1552 E. 17th Ave. (www.oliveandfincheatery.com).

10. Beast & Bottle, 719 E. 17th Ave. (www.beastandbottle.com).

Check them out and let me know what you think.

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