Denver gets a one up over Seattle on ‘CBS This Morning’

January 31, 2014

The bandwagon has landed.

CBS “This Morning” correspondent Mo Rocca goes head to head with John Blackstone over which city is cooler: Seattle or Denver.

Blackstone opines on Seattle’s origin of Starbuck’s (who cares?) and fresh fish from Pike Street Market, but Rocca one ups him with our lack of need for umbrellas due to our 300 days of dry weather and sun.

I lived in the Seattle-area twice and I remember breaking down in tears in June because it was pouring rain and way cold and I was wearing a raincoat. Just gross!

Rocca even goes so far as to try Rocky Mountain oysters at The Buckhorn Exchange, which many visitors shun. Right now, everyone whether on local or national TV is jumping on the bandwagon, but it’s beyond fun to see our Mile High City getting so much positive publicity!

You know that our Visit Denver folks are salivating!

See the whole bit at Freaking hilarious!


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