Annual Western Stock Show tour takes a turn without its leader

January 17, 2014

On Wednesday, a dozen faithful folks gathered in the Cowboy Bar at the National Western Stock Show to toast the late Lew Cady, our former fearless leader who led us on our annual trek through the uniquely Western venue.

This was the first year that the group was “Lew-less” since he died last year.

“Unlike when Cady was there to ride herd, there was no attempt to drink 108 beers: A few could still remember the time he’d urged the group to drink 100 beers (collectively) when the Stock Show turned 100,” said Westword founder and editor Patricia Calhoun.

“Otherwise, many traditions continued: The ceremonial smuggling in of cheese as a snack item to augment the peanuts in the bar; the official walking around (first clockwise, then counterclockwise) to look at all the booths with items being sold in the Coliseum. Some new (we think) items: waffle on a stick and bamboo pillows.

“Some of us stayed around to watch mutton bustin’, when 40 little kids were put on the backs of sheep, then sent out into the arena. This is a ‘sport’ that got its start at the National Western Stock Show three decades ago, is now part of rodeos and state fairs around the country – and just might be the most sadistic export ever to come out of Colorado,” Calhoun said. “We estimate the number of kids who left the arena crying at 37 percent.”

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Lew Cady, who died last August, missed his first  Nnational western Stock Show opening party last week.

Lew Cady, who died last August, missed his first National Western Stock Show opening party last week. And those attended missed Lew.


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