Manning shows off manners in wedding invitation response

December 4, 2013

Perhaps the sure way to secure an autograph from Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is to invite him to your wedding. Sounds more tidy than playing the post-game waiting game or bidding beau coup bucks on a signed jersey during a charity auction.

In the case of Anna and James, a couple with a wedding last fall, all they had to do was send No. 18 a formal invitation, according to a post on Reddit. A photo of the signed invite went viral after a Redditor “Lackadaisical Romp” posted the pic of the wedding invitation sent by his sister.

Not only did Manning show his Southern gentlemanly manners by responding in a timely manner, but he checked off the “regretfully decline” box and added the inscription, “Anna and James, Best Wishes.”

A Yahoo. com poster quipped, “Perhaps our favorite comment about the photo comes courtesy of Redditor ‘MasterSplinter21′ who writes, ‘Eli (Manning) replied too, but his response was intercepted.’ Even with two Super Bowl rings and the Giants’ current winning streak, poor Eli still gets treated like the little brother.”

Peyton Manning's response to attend a fan's wedding. (Courtesy of Reddit)

Peyton Manning’s response to attend a fan’s wedding. (Courtesy of Reddit)

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