Everyone, check out the photos from my ‘Evening of Decadent Delights’

April 15, 2012

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Have you ever eaten steak on a spoon? For most, the answer is likely no. The reason is likely that even the best of steaks usually need a knife to cut them. For Coohills Restaurant, and proprietors Tom and Diane Coohill, their Snake River Farms Wagyu strip steak is tender enough that you can eat it off of a spoon, and that is just what all of the happy patrons of Penny Parker’s Evening of Decadent Delights event did. From the fancy hors d’oeuvres on spoons to the various other mouthwatering concoctions served on Tuesday night, the evening was a success, especially for those who love food.

The servers carefully moved throughout the crowded bar before dinner to serve trays of champagne and bite sized delights to get everyone ready for the main course. Smiles and excitement filled the room as the sun set on this beautiful spring evening. But the best was yet to come with a meal waiting to be served, created by chefs selected from some of the best restaurants around Denver. The eight course meal had portions from restaurants including Restaurant Kelly Liken, Cholon, Charcoal, Ambria, Trillium, Elway’s Downtown, Aria and Opus. If that list does not get the taste buds into full excitement, it is hard to say what will.

The event was not just a high calorie celebration of food and drink. Sense of Security benefited from the patrons generous bids at the silent auction and donations to the cause. A live air jordan 1 femmes auction included items from the Curtis Hotel, Infinite Monkey Theorem Wine, the Denver Zoo, Le Grand Bistro and Fancy to Fantasy Catered Affairs. All of the generous companies that donated goods for auction and the patrons that purchased them helped Sense of Security fulfill their goal of helping women diagnosed with breast cancer have support in their time of need. With expensive medical procedures that often stop patients from being able to work, Sense of Security helps to provide the financial help they need to not have to make the choice between food and medication. They make sure that patients can focus all of their energy on recovery instead of bills and financial worry.

The wonderful thing about Ms. Parker’s event is the celebration of the best of life to help those in troubled situations. With a topic that makes the lives of many very hard, it is nice to have an event that can put smiles on people’s faces while still helping to support women that deserve help. On Tuesday, Ms. Parker showed everyone that just because something is bad, does not mean that we are not empowered to make the situation better—and the best part is, she did it with style.

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