Blockbuster moving headquarters to Douglas County

April 23, 2012

Blockbuster, the movie and game sales and rental company, is moving its worldwide headquarters to the Meridian International Office Park in Douglas County, the governor’s Office of Economic Development announced Monday.

The move will bring more than 150 management positions to the metro-area over the next five years. Blockbuster, which has been losing its luster to movie providers such as Netflix and McDonald’s, was acquired by DISH, the Douglas County-based pay-TV provider, nearly a year ago. DISH employs nearly 5,000 people along the Front Range.

DISH intends to “reinvigorate” the Blockbuster brand, air jordan 6 said DISH CEO Joe Clayton. Somebody’s got to. When did you last patronize a Blockbuster store?

ABOVE: These are the five closest remaining Blockbuster stores to downtown.