Would a mustache make the ‘Manning’? Ron Burgundy thinks so

December 4, 2013

As if Broncos uber QB Peyton Manning isn’t getting enough good publicity from the “legitimate” press these days, in steps fictional anchorman Ron Burgundy (aka funnyman Will Ferrell) with his own “hard-hitting” interview with No. 18 for a SportsCenter segment Thursday, Dec. 5 on ESPN.

Ferrell, who has been playing Burgundy in the news media (he anchored an entire half-hour on a Bismark, N.D., television station recently), will resurrect the character he made famous in “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues,” debuting on the big screen Dec. 18.

The YouTube trailer for the ESPN bit shows a split screen with the mustachioed anchorman interviewing Manning.

Burgundy opens the interview praising Manning despite the fact that the quarterback has gained significant success without the aid of a hairy lip.

“You look like a succulent baby lamb,” the anchorman observes while Manning chuckles.

Manning’s comeback: “I’ve managed to play quarterback OK without a mustache … Eli (little brother Manning and the New York Giants quarterback) tried to grow one but it didn’t look so good.”

Then Burgundy pulls out a “60 Minutes”-style probing question. “Tell me about your relationship with Thunder.”

Manning pauses and ponders. “You mean our mascot that runs up and down the field every time the Broncos score?”

Burgundy: “Oh yes, I’ve had my eye on that wonderful beast for decades.”

Note to Thunder owner Sharon Magness Blake: If you see a mustachioed man in a burgundy polyester suit lurking anywhere near Thunder, be afraid. Be very afraid.

To see the entire teaser, go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JlFAgXQzao.


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